The Power of Astrology


It may seem that the events in your life are occurring randomly in an unpredictable fashion, but there is a larger pattern to the order of these events! Your birth chart is a snapshot of the exact position of the celestial bodies at the day and time of your birth from the perspective of your birth location. A soul is born on the day and at the time when the celestial bodies are in mathematical harmony with their individual karma. Your birth chart reflects your personality, psychology, strengths and gifts, challenges, opportunities, evolutionary intention of your soul, life purpose and so much more. It contains valuable insight on every area of your life, past, present and future. Astrology is powerful tool for self awareness, empowerment and enlightenment

You can use this information to understand why you are the way you are, why certain patterns keep repeating and how to stop them, what you are here to learn and focus on, and how to evolve your soul and your consciousness. Astrology can help you anticipate challenges and opportunities before they occur, provide you with tools to help cope with changes, and guide you in an understanding of the events and relationships in your life. Your birth chart contains the celestial wisdom to guide you on your journey. I know that your mind will be blown by the information contained in your birth chart and that it will resonate with you in the innermost part of your being.

Understanding your personal astrology is a life changing experience. You can’t change your birth chart, that part is fated and is written in the stars, however, you can absolutely change how you direct that energy, because we all have free will. The truth is we all have certain challenges we are here to overcome but we also have strengths, gifts and opportunities we can use to embody the highest expression of our unique energy and live the highest version of our life. Are you ready to take control of your life and channel your unique energy in the most beneficial way? It is my honor and pleasure to guide you on your journey in the evolution of your soul using the powerful tool of astrology. Book an astrological consultation with me, and let's unlock the potential of your personal astrology. 

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