About Lindsey



I have always been interested in human behavior, the nature of reality and the mysteries of the universe. Since a very young age, I have had an extremely active inner world and been in touch with something beyond physical, material reality. I have keen perception of people and energy, and I am always aware of the things that are left unsaid and unseen.

A series of life events and metaphysical experiences activated my psychic abilities and awakened me to step into my soul’s true purpose. My soul’s purpose is to guide you in the evolution of your soul - to help you realize and understand the truth of who you are as an eternal soul having a human experience. I am here to inspire you to live a fully embodied life in honor of your own unique energy and potential. 

The depth of my passion for astrology is indescribable. There is always something larger than myself that guides my interpretation. I take this work very seriously, because I know how powerful and meaningful this esoteric information truly is. I pride myself in always operating with the utmost integrity, compassion and confidentiality. It is my honor and pleasure to guide you in the evolution of your soul using the powerful tool of astrology. 

Few things bring me greater joy than being of service to others by diving into your birth chart and using this esoteric information to unlock your personal potential. I look forward to helping you understand yourself on both the personality and soul level, explore the current and future planetary influences to guide you in the right direction for better informed choices and to achieve your highest potential and purpose.

*To book a reading with me or to answer any questions about my readings, please get in touch with me via the contact page