Solar Eclipse in Cancer - Nurturing Your Soul

On July 2, 2019 we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Cancer. This Solar Eclipse is in an opposition to Saturn, in a square to Chiron and in a square to Pallas. 

A Powerful Period of Change

New Moons are always about a fresh start, a new beginning and setting the stage for the next monthly cycle. You can think of a New Moon Solar Eclipse as a magnified, intensified New Moon. Eclipses represent powerful periods of change. With a Solar Eclipse, you are setting the stage and planting seeds for the next 6 month cycle and perhaps much longer than that, for years to come. There's a wide orb of influence with Eclipses that extends a month prior to and many months after.  

Eclipses can feel like a wild card, and the energy surrounding an eclipse is quite intense. Solar Eclipses can bring unexpected changes, and it's not unheard of for endings to occur. The purpose is to shake things up and to clear your path for a new beginning to take root. A Solar Eclipse new beginning is more powerful, meaningful and life changing that your standard New Moon. These are big, fated changes that have long term implications and that are occurring to help push you forward on your life's path. 

The Cancer - Capricorn Polarity

Eclipses occur in a 18 year cycle. This Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the following Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 are the first eclipses in this polarity since 2000 and 2001. When we're talking about the Cancer-Capricorn polarity, we are talking about fundamental security. Cancer represents internal security and Capricorn represents external security. Within this theme, there is major transformation and reprioritization going on for everyone. 

Cancer // Emotional Waters of the Nurturer

This Solar Eclipse is occurring in the sign of Cancer which has to do with our emotional world, internal world, private life, home, family, emotions and personal matters. This eclipse is bringing us some emotional upheaval so that we can gain information about what we need to feel emotionally safe and secure and to inspire the necessary, big changes in our lives. 

This is a very emotional solar eclipse. You may have a vague feeling that something is wrong, that you are lacking something or several things that you need in order to feel safe and secure. If you're feeling exhausted or weighed down, its because of all of the inner work that you're doing. You're being shown all of your unmet needs. This is a necessary process of healing to clear the space so that you will then be able to open up to the new. 

You’re really being informed right now by the stories of the past. These could include feelings of sadness, heaviness and anxiety. There may be a strong sense of what you don’t have that you feel you need to be safe and what is missing or lacking in your life.

It may feel like a painful dip into your emotional world, but this is how we gain information about what we need and this is how evolution happens. You’re being informed right now about what needs to change and what needs to be released and let go of in your life, and it’s your sensitivity that’s informing you. Pay attention to your feelings right now, especially the negative ones. 

Solar Eclipse Tips

My advice for you in how to navigate these emotional waters is to surrender, let go, release, and relax into this emotional processing stage. Allow yourself the space to do the inner work, which will serve you very well in the future. This is the beginning stage of a whole new cycle, and you may feel like you don't know exactly what you're doing or where things are going. Slow down, tune in and discover what this release of emotional information is trying to communicate to you. 

Be Mindful of...

It's easy to want to freak out and to grab onto or cling to some material things, people and situations outside of yourself in order to provide yourself with a false sense of emotional security. There's a temptation to do Cancerian things, like for example creating a family or birthing something new (whether this be a child or a project), that is actually motivated by feeling afraid, insecure or nervous about your future. If you aren't spiritualizing your consciousness, the choices you make in the material world will take you in karmic loops and cycles. 

Meditate on...

What does your soul need to feel more at home? How can you build a sense of inner peace and security? Consider what you can build for yourself emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically that's going to be conducive to finding that sense of inner belonging. Perhaps you need to take more time for yourself or create sacred space for a spiritual practice in your life. Everything in the material world is in a constant state of flux and is impermanent. The only thing that endures is your soul and your connection to spirit. 

I hope that you have a beautiful, transformative Solar Eclipse in Cancer, and I hope that the seeds you now sow are birthed from your authentic desire to nurture your soul and the physical temple that it now resides in. 

Get a Personal Reading With Me

It's important to note that while the general theme is the same for everyone, the specifics of what area of your life this energy will most come into play goes back to what the transit (as with any transit) will be activating in your unique birth chart. That information can only be gained by me having your birth chart and going over the activations in a personal reading with you. If you'd like to book a reading with me, please visit the offerings page of my website, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions. It is my greatest honor and pleasure to guide you in the evolution of your soul using the powerful tool of astrology and my psychic insights. 

Transformation through transformation, magic into magic, as light loses dark, journey well, friends. XX Lindsey



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