Inevitable Changes - Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2019

We have a Full Moon at 26 degrees of Sagittarius in the early hours of June 17th, 2019. Full Moons are always a time of heightened energy, and this one is particularly potent because it falls just a few days before the Solstice. This Full Moon is all about expansion and creating space in your life to explore new pathways, which requires you to be adaptable to new experiences and the inevitable changes that are heading your way.  

When the Moon is Full, you may feel out of sorts and you’re not quite sure exactly what it is that is causing your dissatisfaction. It’s best to try to relax and avoid conflict in the throws of the heightened energy and increased sensitivity. You may not be feeling your best, but don’t worry, the tension will pass. Make sure to get lots of rest, drink plenty of water and try not to let emotions or things that are out of your control get the best of you.

With Jupiter square Neptune exact the day before the Full Moon, you may be susceptible to some disillusionment, because the energy has you heavily focused in the realm of what’s indefinable rather than in practicality. The edges of your experience may be a little blurred and hazy now. You are likely experiencing a deep yearning for something ‘more’, even if you can’t quite wrap your head around exactly what that would even mean or look like for you.

The invitation is to bring your dreams down to earth and ground them in a foundation of truth, to bring together fantasy with practically. There is a portal active to enable you to intertwine the unconscious with the conscious and to call in and bring higher wisdom to the physical plane. This portal is a beautiful opportunity to unite the physical and spiritual, the unconscious and the conscious.

Mystical and spiritual energies are quite active at this Full Moon. With Neptune trine the North Node, synchronicity is a common occurrence now and you may feel as though you are on the right path. People and events may appear in your life as the right time to help you move forward with more joy and optimism. You have the opportunity to explore the spiritual side of life through groups now and to incorporate any necessary changes to unite your spiritual values with your daily life.

With the Pluto-Saturn-South Node conjunction in a sextile to Neptune, you may find yourself reassessing your life and gaining a greater inner understanding before moving forward in a new direction. With the South Node conjunction, areas of your life, which you presumed were stable and reliable, may start to shift and change, and you begin to see things in a new light. This may cause you some anxiety if you don’t enjoy or embrace this time of great change. If you can remain positive and trust that whatever is unfolding for you is ultimately for your highest and greatest good, then this will be a rewarding time.

Your life is under renovation during this time. You may be confronted with the past, and you may have to make some difficult decisions. Life becomes filled with situations that can no longer be avoided. You are being shown what it’s time to let go of and simultaneously receiving visions for the future. You may feel burdened at this time and perhaps feel alone as well. This is an elimination process from which you can gain a lot of strength, and you will then be able to move on in your life with a renewed sense of purpose and a lighter load. After this phase has passed, you will feel lighter and ready to enjoy a more beneficial and honest life.









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