Energy Update 10/31/20 - Full Moon in Taurus & Triple Conjunction in Capricorn

Energy Update 10/31/20

Happy Halloween Full Blue Moon at 8 degrees of Taurus opposite the Scorpio Sun conjunct Uranus

Let’s first zoom out for some perspective, with the triple conjunction in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter) that’s been active since April 2019 & came exact in February 2020, that’s been stirring up all kinds of chaos and change globally & collectively, we’ve also been transforming our lives individually as well to be something very different than what they were before. At least one area of your life has been affected in a major way. This isn’t an instant overnight change, it’s a gradual process of deep transformation that’s shifting the very foundations of your life. This conjunction does involve malefic planets so this has not been an easy process, it’s been quite challenging. Two weeks ago at the New Moon in Libra we started to feel that things are starting to shift in a more positive direction. A time of major karmic upheaval is beginning to come to an end, though the manifestation of the new way of being will continue unfolding for years to come.

At this Full Moon, we’re stepping more into our stability, security, personal values and self worth so that our life can be more aligned with who we really are. We’re gaining confidence in and honing our skills, gifts & talents so that we can offer them to the world & make money from them in the future. Something unexpected comes up at this full moon that challenges our new found inklings of stability or security - this could be something external or internal, an insight, feeling, event, news, conversation, person, etc - something sudden & unexpected. This thing is challenging, at least on the surface, though the outcome may be positive especially a few months from now. This unexpected thing is going to be related to relationships. If it’s not about relationships, it’s about finances. Whatever it is, it’s triggering some fears & insecurities, and we’re not entirely sure how to handle it right now. We’re having to learn how to do relationships in a different way so that they can be healthier moving forward. Themes of pleasure & our deep desires vs what we need to be stable & secure are coming up.

The last 35 year cycle since the last Saturn Pluto conjunction is ending and that cycle was all about relationships. So dare I say that relationships have been challenging for the last 35 years (which for some has been their entire lives & then some) and we are now ready to start a new relationship cycle? Big picture, yes. Does this mean every relationship on planet earth has been challenging for the last 35 years, of course not, but it does mean that major relationship lessons have been learned & for some yes it could’ve been a lot of challenges. Everything goes back to an individual’s birth chart, but I digress. This new 35 year cycle will be focused on the structures of society being torn down and rebuilt and this is only just the beginning. It will be very interesting to see where the world is 35 years from now. But let’s bring it back to now, we’re now ready to have healthier and happier relationships moving forward due to all of the lessons from the last 35 years friends. If you understand that we are souls evolving through multiple human lifetimes, then some of these longer term cycles are easier to grasp.

Now that we’re beginning to have a stronger sense of self due to the foundations of our lives being transformed, the focus is shifting to relationships. Relationships are the next piece of the puzzle that needs to be figured out in our new life. Everything is still so new and different and in a lot of ways we’re like new born babes trying to figure it all out. There’s a part of us that’s ready for this new cycle in relationships but there’s a part of us that’s still like wait am I ready? Yes we’re ready & craving this new beginning but there’s still residual junk from the past that needs to be let go. We still have to get rid of that last lesson from the last 35 years, whether it’s the old lack of self confidence and self worth, the trauma from past relationships or an actual relationship that’s not serving you that you’re still clinging to. Whatever it is, it’s time to let it go.

Are you going to let go of the old life, the old habits that are so over and done with and step into the new more aligned life with people who are better for you? There’s a feeling of the past and future pulling you in different directions, and it can be frustrating, but guess what folks the future will win. Your future is beckoning you forward. Stop clinging to the old stuff because you are scared of what you can’t see that inevitably lies ahead. Release the old so you can step into the new. But make no mistake, this is not time to force things, to force changes - it’s time to step into a feminine, receptive, yin energy. Rather than force, to allow, attract and be receptive to the new. To make space for the new by letting go of the old. Whether you are a man or a woman does not matter, we’re talking about energy here. We’ve already planted the seeds, it’s now time to receive ✨🙏🏼✨

***As a caveat, please understand this is a general update. I do not have your individual birth chart in front of me, and thus I cannot speak to exactly how this is playing out for you or how the current energies are impacting your life. If it in some way, shape or form resonates with you, that’s because the current energies are activating your chart. Even still, it would be activating many people’s charts and the specifics will be different for each person. If it doesn’t resonate with you, then your chart is not being activated. I cannot address every individual in a general update, so I discuss the most prevalent themes and the most likely ways they manifest. If it doesn’t resonate with you, don’t force it. Take what serves you and leave the rest.  

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