Aries New Moon - Your New Way of Being

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We have a New Moon in Aries on April 5, 2019 at 1:50 AM PDT. You are being presented with a rare opportunity to make changes and adjust things in your life. The next few weeks are a very auspicious time for anything that begins, happens or occurs. We have a very supportive New Moon - Venus is exalted, the Sun's at home, Jupiter's at home, Saturn's at home. We get a New Moon in Aries every year, however this one is unique because of the aspects it's making. It's in a square to Saturn, the North Node and Pluto, a very rare alignment that's coming exact this month, supercharging this New Moon to help you bring your life into alignment. This is a major change in your life. This alignment is encouraging you to break up with all of the things in your life that are no longer working for you. You are being guided into the next phase of your destiny and things in your life are being aligned to be in support of your new way of being. 

With Pluto here, you likely are still having some fears and insecurity about these changes, and with all these planets in Capricorn, you may need to make some tough decisions. Especially because this New Moon is a skipped step to the Nodal axis, you are a little scared about this new and different version of your life that you have been slowly receiving the inspiration for. It's time to face these fears and to make a conscious choice to do things differently. The change I am talking about is one that is truly meaningful to you, is meant for you and will help you move forward. You likely are experiencing some resistance in doing this new thing or taking this step. You are kind of hoping that things will change on their own, that things will happen without you having to do anything, but that's not the case at this time.

To make the most of this energy and to have the highest outcome for your life, you're going to have to take action and to consciously choose to move forward, to break old habits, let go of warn out patterns and say goodbye to anything that is not serving you. Over the past few months you've been deliberating, like "Hm, do I want to let go of this? I'll just let it be for now and see what happens." This New Moon is saying no, you can't just let it be anymore and collect dust. It is time to clean up your life, you need to take action. While it may be a little intense and scary, once you take that action you're going to feel immensely better, doors will open as a result and you'll be surprised at all of the good things that transpire.  

This New Moon is providing you with special awareness, you will be super tuned in. Over the next few weeks, you are going to have realizations about your identity, long standing patterns you're ready to release and clarity about what you need. This is the beginning of an entirely new chapter in your life. This is the month that you realize that you are done with the old chapter and you become an active participant in the manifestation of your new beginning. You likely still have some confusion about how everything is going to come together. Listen to your intuition and your soul about what excites you and let that be your guide. You may subconsciously realize that you are at a major turning point that's going to set you up for the next phase of your life, and you'd really like it to make logical sense but it doesn't entirely right now. At this time, you're going to have to be ok with not being 100% sure of something. You don't need all the answers, you just need to follow your intuition, take action and trust that you are being guided.  

Trust that there is a plan for you. You laid out your soul path before you got here in co-creation with the divine. You may not remember what you're destined for and everything that you're here to accomplish and experience, but when you trust, you can begin to let go of the ego mind that's trying so hard to grasp and control everything. Relax and then you will receive that intuition, that guidance as to what steps to take next. Trust that you are worthy, loved and supported. When you let go of your attachment to a specific outcome and all the striving, you will be able to drop in with the highest potential outcome for your life that will be in alignment with your soul. You will never have to force what is destined for you. All you have to do is align with your most authentic self and then act on divine inspiration. What are you being guided to let go of, to release? Where are you being guided to step more into your authenticity? With an open heart and without judgement, create the space for the transformation to be ushered in. 

Magic into magic, transformation through transformation, as light loses dark, journey well, friends. 

All the love, 




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